Mark Hanson

A seasoned mortgage banking veteran specializing in national wholesale and correspondent sales, operations management, and bringing financial institutions into new lending markets. His primary focus was on residential mortgages working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and most other mortgage and Wall Street investors.

Since 2006, he has worked as an independent real estate, finance, and related sectors analyst, consultant, strategist, and risk ‘enlightener’ to the financial services sector (hedge, mutual, pension, sov wealth, private equity funds), builders, Real Estate funds and associations, banks and lenders, the public sector, and Central Banks with a focus on housing, mortgage, and mortgage credit.

He is also passionate about helping the “little guy” — Ma and Pa Main Street — through his blog and major media connections in hopes that one day, they will finish first.

His years of real-life experience, extensive on-the-ground research, and passion for real estate, mortgage & related sector data mining has led to an extraordinarily large number of early and accurate predictions about the ‘great mortgage and housing meltdown’ and company-specific events.


Housing, finance, related sectors, long/short equities, distressed real estate, residential credit specializing in Subprime, Alt-A and Prime, analysis, and strategy, foreign housing.

Recent Major Media & Research Coverage/Appearances

  • CNBC – Recurring guest on the Santelli Exchange, Fast Money Halftime, The Faber Report, Realty Check with Diana Olick, and Street Signs with Erin Burnett
  • Barrons – Frequent contributor to the late, great Alan Abelson’s “Up and Down Wall Street”
  • Tom Sullivan TV & Radio (recurring guest)
  • Fox Business television
  • The Glenn Beck Show
  • CTV – Canada
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • The New York Times
  • Business Week
  • The LA Times
  • Yahoo Finance – Tech Ticker *Henry Blodgett*
  • T-2 Partners – *More Mortgage Meltdown* (contributor)
  • King World News
  • The Big Picture