How do you know when you are in a real estate bubble?  That’s fairly easy.  Knowing when it will pop is the hard part. Air pocket between present, bubbled-out house prices driven by the “unorthodox, unfundamental, incremental demand using unorthodox capital” and fundamental, end-user, shelter-buyer affordability has never been larger. At peak bubble, all that […]


Those who continue to pound the table over how “affordable” this housing market is don’t quite understand or respect recent housing market history, or are trying to sell you something.   Last Friday, Doug Yearly, CEO of Toll Bros, as an hour-long guest on CNBC, was asked about the “health” of the housing market by […]


Introduction: To preface this report, I consider the subject matter and my findings, herein, to be as important to contemporary housing and residential credit forecasting, as my early work in 2005/2006 on Bubble 1.0. If I have interpreted the following NAR data correctly in this presentation, they go a long way in identifying the “missing […]


Speechless: The Kardashian’s are now house flippers “No more neighbors, friends whose past Real Estate experience is renting an apartment or buying a starter house, or stay-at-home moms flipping houses locally;  young, flamboyant Realtors on reality, cable TV shows selling multi-million dollar trophy properties to those from abroad with briefcases of cash that until this […]