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Dear Readers,   Thanks for checking out this post.    Three important things first…   1)  Please subscribe to my new Twitter feed…my old one was hacked and shut down.  Or, sign up for free email updates.  Whether we are going into another housing down-cycle or not, you will know more here first.   2) 


Happy New Year. To begin the year, my focus will “continue” to be mainly on the following key housing and mortgage related topics. This is certainly not what a “durable recovery with escape velocity” is supposed to look like. Why a “stimulus-induced house price surge” and “housing market recovery” are two completely different things; The


How do you know when you are in a real estate bubble?  That’s fairly easy.  Knowing when it will pop is the hard part. Air pocket between present, bubbled-out house prices driven by the “unorthodox, unfundamental, incremental demand using unorthodox capital” and fundamental, end-user, shelter-buyer affordability has never been larger. At peak bubble, all that


Those who continue to pound the table over how “affordable” this housing market is don’t quite understand or respect recent housing market history, or are trying to sell you something.   Last Friday, Doug Yearly, CEO of Toll Bros, as an hour-long guest on CNBC, was asked about the “health” of the housing market by