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For years, I have described US housing market conditions with some of the following color: “this is not what a durable recovery with escape velocity is supposed to look like”. “a housing market recovery and house price recovery are two completely different things”. “something other than fundamental, end-user, shelter-buyer demand for houses is driving this
Is the US housing in a bubble? I get this question all of the time. But, because bubbles are virtually impossible to define, I always answer the same way, which is the most simplistic way I know how: “If 2006 was a known bubble with housing prices at “X”, affordability never better due to high-leverage

4-19 Hanson…Housing Bubble Pop-Quiz

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 by
Below are two fun exercises involving So Florida and San Francisco real estate.  Simply pick which headline belongs to peak Bubble 1.0 circa-2006 and which belongs to this era.   1) So Florida Version:  Simply pick which So Florida press release headlines below are from the Bubble 1.0 peak and which are from today. Answer
Dying Unicorns still leave hoof-prints and poop in the woods; you just have to know where to look. (note, I use the term “unicorn” simply to contextualize most private & public, non-cash or profit-generating STEM companies, which are structurally dependent on external capital to survive.)   Bottom line…full-blown “unicorn” housing market seizure happening RIGHT NOW: