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IF, the RedFin Housing Demand Index are a remotely accurate representation of demand in core markets around the nation, which I suspect, and not a company-specific, hard down-shift in performance, THEN… Bottom line: The housing demand pig is through the python and Q2-4 will looking nothing like Q1. SUMMARY The Q1’17 demand pull-forward effect from

4-25 Hanson…House Prices; Name This Era

The period from 2002 to 2007 is widely known as the “Great Credit/Housing Bubble”. Call the post-crash era whatever you like, but the house price charts below look very similar. In fact, the pace of house price gains during the Fed’s Twist/QE era was stronger than during the past bubble. The only thing that really
PLEASE FOLLOW ME @   AMAZING STATS… I am a big believer in the power of “REFI CAPITAL CONVEYOR BELT” and all the” debt-prosperity” that refi-boomette’s bring.   In other words, if credit is income and refi’s are big credit, then refi-boomette’s are big income (and revenue). With a refi, not only can a borrower save hundreds of
PLEASE FOLLOW ME @ .  I put out much more regular detail and respond faster on a variety of housing & related subject matter than through the blog.   BOTTOM LINE:  Here and now, houses have never cost more to the end-user, mortgage-needing, shelter-buyer due to historical prices and the rate surge.  Based on

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